Local Hermanus Coffee

Its all about the beans

A great cup of coffee starts with great beans and with great freshness. Our coffee is Blend No.222 from Arabikaz Coffee Roasters, an outstanding micro-roastery right here in Hermanus

There are only two types of coffee beans in the world: Robusta and Arabica.

Robusta coffee is a lower grade of coffee that is typically grown at lower elevations. It has a more astringent flavour and a high amount of caffeine. The trees are easier to grow and maintain and, as a result, the beans are cheaper. Our roaster says he won't touch the stuff!

All our beans are Arabica. It contains about half of the caffeine of robusta and has more desirable flavours and aromas.

Local Hermanus Coffee

Roasting The Coffee Beans

Green coffee stays fresh for a very long time. When freshness is talked about in coffee, it means from the date that the green beans have been roasted.

Freshness after roasting is of paramount concern That is why we at Caffe Blu are so pleased that we have such a good roaster on our doorstep. They use a a Fluid Bed Roaster which uses American technology and gives the roaster maximum control over the roast.

Local Hermanus Coffee

Grinding The Coffee Beans

The grind needs to be so fine that it has the consistency of a slightly gritty powder. The time that water is in contact with the grounds is critical. The courseness of the grind will determine how fast the water passes through during brewing.

Also, when you grind beans, they lose roughly 80% of the CO2 stored inside them within the first minute. The CO2 carries the flavours into the cup, if the beans are properly ground.

We grind the beans fresh for each and every cup. That ensures you get gold standard coffee time after time.

Local Hermanus Coffee

Our Gold Standard Machine

Art lovers know Florence for the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Baristas know it for the genius of La Marzocca, makers of gold standard espresso machines. Every one of their machines is crafted by hand.

Our 3 group head La Marzocca was adapted in the factory in Florence to give it special features, including a PID controller, which keeps the temperature at precisely the right level.

Local Hermanus Coffee

Our Skilled & Friendly Baristas

It may look simple to pull those espresso shots, but it's not. Making espresso is a skill. It takes dedicated training to graduate from "trainee barista" shirt to our "barista" shirt, learning the art of making the drinks and how to know when the perfect espresso is not perfect!